"Coma Ghosts"

 By Dark Starr

Prog purists are likely to call this disc “heavy metal.” Surely some of the music here has a lot of metal within and there are some extreme metal vocals. More than anything else this probably fits close to the European epic metal style, but with more progressive rock built into it. Whatever you call it, though, it’s a great disc.  There seems to be a recent explosion of this fusion of classic prog and extreme metal...Cerulia was another recent band that dabbled in that mixture.

Here the prog influences seem more pronounced, as the opening portion of "Crib", the brief instrumental "Undercoat"  and the mammoth epic "Shuteye Wanderer" show. Classic Rush, Yes and Dream Theater are conspicuous influences but there are also bursts of extreme metal including growls and screams. The aforementioned "Shuteye Wanderer" and "Pavement Canvas" demonstrate the dichotomy of extremity and progression. Tasteful female vocals also make their presence known. The result of the mixture is an album that never gets dull and always keeps ou guessing. A winner by anybody's estimate.