By Dr. Abner Mality

Here we have a German band that has the knack of being melodic and accessible without losing their metal fire. I wasn't expecting much when I slipped this one in, so it was a very pleasant surprise when I heard the quirky metal of the title track. Eat The Gun has a connection to the hair metal days of the late 80's but they sound fully modern and quite heavy as well. Think of Skid Row in their "Slave To the Grind" days as a starting point.

"Runner" is superbly produced and mixed, the sound is crystal clear. My hat is off to the vocalist, as well...he has got a ton of range and absolutely NO trace of a German accent, which often sabotages these kinds of bands. At all times the guitar has a metallic edge, nowhere more apparent than on "The Evil In You And Me", which is really a superb straight up metal tune that ends with an orgy of powerful riffing. That track is the highlight of the album, but the first four songs really blew me away. "The Remedy" has a ballsy swagger while "Not Dead Yet" is killer high energy. With "Daredevil Supreme", the band keeps its excellent sound but the music starts to become more typical and that lasts for the next few tracks. Those songs are well played but some like "I Am Obsessed" and "Give Sight To the Blind" get uncomfortably close to a heavier Bon Jovi or Alter Bridge. Luckily, the last two cuts "My Retribution" and "365" again up the aggression while keeping the almost poppy hooks bubbling along.

Obviously, Eat The Gun is not gonna be for the gut-munching Exhumed or Jungle Rot crowd, but for modern mainstream metal, they are a name to watch out for!