“Pillars I”

By Dr. Abner Mality

When I see an album cover with a black and white mountainscape on it, I immediately know the music within will fall under one of three classifications:

1. Super fuzzy buzzy black metal at high speeds.
2. Ponderous post metal mixing doom with gloomy mellow bits
3. A synthesizer driven soundscape.

Surprise! With “Pillars I”, we get a combination of all three, but primarily #1. You can also be reasonably sure that the songs will be longer than the opening monologue on Monday Night RAW. Yep, that’s just what we’ve got here. Four songs with two exceeding the 15 minute mark and one overstuffed sucker over 20 minutes. You need to pack a lunch for this one.

This kind of music is really critic proof. It is meant to create mood and atmosphere in the background. Constant high speed droning black metal with ultra-fuzzy guitar tone brings Wolves In the Throne Room to mind, naturally, but there’s also quite a bit of sad low key interludes and immense sweeping synthesizers. Songs this length invariably result in your brain tuning out. Sometimes that can be consciousness-altering in a profound way, other times it can be deadly dull. I see it both ways. Earth and Pillars’ massive epics can be all engulfing but also deadening.

Not much more to say about this immense offering. If what I wrote above sounds appealing, by all means dive into the mega-drones and moody mountains of “Pillars I”.