By Octopi Mills

This album opens in a sort of cosmic wave of liquid sound, and develops in such a way that it sounds like the interior control room of some strange space craft. I cannot escape the trappings of being in some astronaut suit beyond where i am supposed to find ground, or perhaps with some headset crowning my mind that is some sort of exoskeletal helmet connection to a hive full of electric insect consciousness. The void of silence gives up many forms and holds them fast and true, though never for long ,as jellyfish and passenger debris float by on the exploration. Creamy shapes form sounds and grasp for something to clasp with pincers and thought slike mandibles, as if looking by means of antennae  for permanence or stability. Like some old arcade sci fi shooter, there are zapping sounds and flaps and taps of sound particles, and it's heady for sure, and perhaps a long winded affair.

There is little to zero drama of the human sort to be heard, and only nebular scenes and soft lights. As it goes on, I reckon it would make a good soundtrack to some space film, or a bedroom exploration through a starlit window with or without a good dose of mind altering fungi or cacti. As I enter into the second half of the odyssey i am overcome with the feeling of intensity one might feel when having some part of oneself activated, or tuned to some strange frequency that is like a transmission. There is a less friendly feeling, as if one is on a table being operated on by lifeforms superior in technological advances greater to my own, and it sounds as if there are perhaps rough beings playing around with buttons in the great control room. This piracy makes for a nice soundtrack to such a switchboard of exploration and has an ability to go beyond the intellectual bounds of reason or instrumentation and is more like a living painting in real time. One day, perhaps this may be so...