"Born Again"

 By Dark Starr

This is first album from the Dwarves since 2004, and it’s a great disc. These guys show how punk rock should sound. It never gets old or trite because this band has a lot of tricks up their collective sleeve. They've mastered the trick of keeping the music raw and punky, yet making the tracks distinct. "Bang Up" has a 60's touch that brings The Cramps to mind, "You'll Never Take Us Alive" is a Dead Kennedys style screamer and "Masturbate Me" kicks things up to the levels of extreme hardcore and thrash. Yet these guys can also play accessible tunes such as "Happy Birthday Suicide" and "Fake ID" that are still undeniably punk rock. That's a tough art to master.

 Understanding that this is the Dwarves and looking at the cover, you should realize quickly that the lyrics here are not suitable for children.(Or people of small stature or members of Westboro Baptist Church--Dr. Mality) So, parents should be advised. All in all this is a killer album that’s fun to spin. And, you even get a bonus DVD of vintage live clips interviews and all kinds of goodies. The Dwarves are back with a vengeance.