“The Festival of Misfits”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Dada lives!

The whacky absurdist art movement of the early 20th century has found a voice almost exactly one hundred years after its heyday! For those who don’t know, Dada was an international movement of avant-garde misfits that came together to protest World War 1 with crazy manifestations like music created by pots and pans, poems that were random words taken from a newspaper and performers wearing cardboard outfits who yelled insults at paying audiences. For about 5 years, this movement burned bright and torched a lot of long held ideas about art and culture.

Dutch Futurismo is about as Dutch as teriyaki.  It’s an assemblage of Hungarian musical freaks who have created a sonic homage to Dada in “The Festival of Misfits”. Metalheads and even most prog fans will be utterly confused by the sounds presented here. I found it to be fresh, interesting and amazingly successful at capturing the sassy nonsense of Dada. Most of the tunes are based on incredibly nutty percussion. For example, check out the gradually building madness of “Dutch Futurismo”. It sounds like the band is tapping out patterns on pipe, plastic drums, wooden rails, anything they can grab their hands on. Atonal, jagged piano also pops up frequently…almost random sounding but with a method to the madness. “Vocals” generally consist of a dry female voice reciting the Dadaists’ own manifestos…”Manifeste Cannibale” is pretty much one big insult while “Karawane” is the nonsense syllables of Kurt Schwitters set to jarring piano and percussion. Shouting male vocals finally appear on the last tune “Kaspar Is Dead”, which is the “heaviest” song here…almost metallic in a way.

This shit is off the hook! If you really like your music against the grain and zany as possible, Dutch Futurismo might possibly be for you. This is 21st century Dada!