“Mass Confusion”

By Dr. Abner Mality

The retro-thrash thing is getting old, it’s about time for it to go away. I know Dust Bolt from Germany has been praised here…Sarge liked their last album…but this album is just so slavishly devoted to recreating the past and adding nothing new. Right from the usual Ed Repka cover art to the pictures with the band members wearing baseball caps with brims tilted up.

The music is well executed and played but the guys are just trying too hard to replicate thrash circa 1987. From the real fast D.R.I type crossover stuff like “Sick Brain X” to bouncy Anthrax-style “moshing” rifferama like the title track and  “Mind the Gap”, no 80’s stone is left unturned. That gives everything a kind of hollow feeling, even though songs like “Turn To Grey”  and “Empty Faces” thrash like hell.  When the band tries their hand at a Metallica-style ballad “Exit”, it comes across as kind of false.

I am maybe being a bit too harsh because these guys are in the upper echelon of retro-thrash, but to be honest, the original bands from the 80’s are putting out some of their best material right now and these newer bands aping the style such as Dust Bolt just seem redundant to me. This is not an essential purchase.