“Infernal Moon”

By Dr. Abner Mality

The Hellhammer/early Celtic Frost knockoff has become a genre unto itself, with quite a few participants. Dungeonhammer is the latest to try following in the footsteps of the venerable Swiss messiahs.

This two man assault delivers pretty much what you would expect….gooey sounding midpaced riffs that are heavy on distortion mixed with raw vocal bellows and a simple drum approach. They do hit the lumbering swagger of old Frost/Hammer gems but they lack an essential spark of strangeness to push them to the same plateau as their inspirations. Tunes like the title track and “Empire de la Mort” groove in a way that will make you nod your head, but sometimes Dungeonhammer just stick with their groove too long. The rather aptly named “Ad Infinitum” being a case in point.

Nevertheless, those looking for filthy metal extremity that bows to Hellhammer should not be disappointed with this offering. They just need to inject some of the little twists that separated the originals from the pack.