“Grotesque Offerings”

By Dr. Abner Mality

With the first sepulchral organ tones of “House of Dripping Gore”, I knew I had a band that knows how to do horror metal the right way. That’s the same kind of organ you heard in the original “Tales From The Crypt” movie or the kind that Erik the Phantom of the Opera might play. SERIOUS organ! And after that, serious death/doom metal that defines the genre.

Druid Lord map their style out and stick to it. They don’t overdo the synths and keys as other similar bands do but keep the focus on creeping, crawling doom riffs and grisly vocals telling of dark deeds. Consider the band a spiritual brother to Hooded Menace, but sticking to the basics instead of doing too many elaborate guitar melodies. There’s some Candlemass here, too, but the darkest Candlemass, enslaved to the grimmest riffs. Simplicity and feeling is the key! Tunes like “Spell of the Necromancer” and “Evil That Haunts This Ground” are like hooded specters rising from time-rotted tombs. The lead guitar sound is mournful and melodic (but never excessively so).

Fave track for this mad doctor is the superb “Black Candle Séance”, which crushes from the get-go…such a genre-defining sound. When the album winds up with the chilling piano/synth dirge known as “Final Resting Place”, you know you’ve been through the musical equivalent of a movie like “Tombs of the Blind Dead”. Great and gruesome stuff that receives the full Mality stamp of endorsement!