"Second Sound"

By Dark Starr

I’ve reviewed the first album from these guys. I reviewed their DVD, too. I have even done an interview that’s running in this current issue. It sure seems like this group came out of nowhere, though. A big part of that is because they are so incredibly talented. If you like modern progressive rock that’s based on classic prog, you really have to check this band out. They are amazing. I am pretty sure this disc will be in my list of best releases of 2014. Yes, it really is that good.

Things get off to a crackling start with the fast-paced, energetic jam "An Answer Dreaming", which has overtones of Kansas and Yes. Words can't explain how tight this is. The first few tunes are all excellent hard-edged prog rock, but "Liberated Dream" shows how Druckfarben is capable of more...really hard to compare this complex jam to anything else. Here they sound like a lost band from the classic prog era that has been discovered in modern times. The band also excels with gentler, more keyboard oriented moments like "Long Walk Down". But the best is saved for last with the 19 minute epic title track, which blends everything from folk-oriented music to pompous ELP-type keyboard bombast to modern crunchy stuff like Spock's Beard. This song is a masterpiece and if you don't like it, then I'd say you are not a fan of powerful progressive rock.