By Dark Starr

Glen Drover is perhaps best known for his work with Megadeth and King Diamond along with his band Eidolon. With those kinds of references, one might expect this album to be heavy metal. Well, the title here is very appropriate because it is really a combination of heavy metal and fusion, leaning far more heavily on the fusion side. This is in the same kind of musical genre as Al Di Meola. In fact, there are a couple Di Meola covers presented here, along with two from Jean Luc-Ponty and two from Frank Zappa. Metalheads and hard rockers will need an open mind to accept these tunes even though they are very well done. The Ponty cover "Mirage" features Nevermore's Jeff Loomis and is a smoking example of how hard-edged fusion should be done. The Zappa covers "Purple Lagoon" and "Filthy Habits" offer more tasty but biting prog-fusion, nearing metal territory but never diving in all the way.

Originals round out the set and feature appearances by top notch talent like Chris Poland and Vinnie Moore This is a great album that’s sure to please fans of fusion and progressive rock fans who like guitar oriented, jazz-leaning instrumental prog. It’s diverse and powerful, but in a different fashion than pure metal.