"Drop Dead"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Here are 23 grindcore bullets aimed straight at the neo-fascist power structure. It's been a good while since I've heard punk-fueled grind as sharp and uncluttered as this. And boy, we really need it, because our nation is on the verge of civil war and our planet on the verge of collapse. Now is the time for bands like DROPDEAD to be heard.

They've been around since 1991 but I believe this is the first full length from the band I've heard. If you're tired of bands infusing dissonant noise and industrial touches into grindcore and prefer the straight shit with no unnecessary "progression", this is for you. The songs are blazingly fast and brutally short, with many coming in under a minute. You can feel the punk roots to these tracks. Once in a while, a slow bulldozer riff comes rumbling in, like "Book of Hate" and "The Future Is Yours", but that's the exception to the rule. The vocals are also pretty much pure angry growls or monster vocals on this one.

Lyrics rail against the American Mussolini and his pack of thieves and also stand up for animal rights. This isn't ambiguous or half way leftism, these guys go the whole 9 yards ala CRASS. Sure, with 23 songs, some blur together, but I found this to be a real refreshing kick in the balls from a band that takes no prisoners, sonically or intellectually.