“Sci-Fi or Die”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Droids Attack has been one of the Midwest’s leading riff rock bands for years now yet not enough people know about them. I recall seeing them years ago at the Hard Times bar in Rockford, IL. That bar’s been closed for over 10 years so that shows they’ve been doing their burly Clutch-inspired rifferama for long before it was a trend.

Practice makes perfect. After such a long incubation period, “Sci Fi Or Die” is greasy, grimy, groovy riff rock that Clutch itself would have a tough time matching. There’s not one unique or innovative note here and in fact many songs will sound very familiar, but the level of energy and the tightness of delivery ensure maximum enjoyment of these rawkin’ ragers. Music like this depends almost 100% on the quality of the riffs. Droids Attack have dug up some great ones and they keep ‘em coming like laser blasts from an X-Wing fighter.

The mixture of earthy, almost Southern-tinged power riffing with sci-fi and fantasy ideas seems odd but it works real well here. These dudes know their paranormal and freaky stuff! “Die Glocke” creeps up on you until it cuts loose with thunderous jamming.  “New Plague” and “Clawhammer Suicide” up the ante even more….this is stoner metal delivered with complete authority. Organ sometimes add to the atmosphere and even a cool sax solo shows up on “Mashenomak Strikes Back”, but the guitar is never compromised. “Rebirth” emerges as my favorite cut…what power!

It’s true that songs like “The Annunaki” and “Enoch” sound like reboots of something you’ve heard before, but remember, Droids Attack have been doing this for a long time. The scene has caught up with them, not the other way around. So I can sure cut them some slack, especially when they deliver material of this quality. Anybody into Clutch, Sleep, The Sword, et al should find themselves in orbit after hearing “Sci Fi Or Die”.