"The Haunting Fear Of Inevitability"

By Lord Randall

Washington state grindcore troop THE DRIP first slithered across my desk with 2014’s Relapse debut EP, A Presentation Of Gruesome Poetics. While the half-dozen tunes (spread out over 12 minutes – it’s grind, natch) were solid in their own right, I was also going through a phase where EPs were more of a bother than the effort it took to put the disc in the stereo only to have to get back up to replace it once I’d gotten good and comfortable. And thus, THE DRIP, well, dripped into the foggy sea of memory until the first weeks of this year, when The Haunting Fear Of Inevitability reared its head above the slimy waters to remind me that, Cthulhu-like, just because something’s not in conscious thought, that doesn’t mean it ever truly goes away. 

 ‘Blackest Evocation’ rollicks ala CRETIN, but darker, more ritualistic than redneck – no surprise given the subject matter. The night falls ever more sable with ‘Gruesome Poetics’ and its hail to misanthropy while at the same time cursing the fallibility of it all. Musically, THE DRIP conjure the aforementioned CRETIN at times, the much-missed BENUMB at others, but again, the grind this quartet rends from the gears of disgust is an altogether unholy thing. The definition of “unholy” depends on perception, though, and ‘Painted Ram’ is a hymn for that not-so-alternate universe where light and dark, sanity and insanity reverse roles. Early SLAYER (aka good SLAYER) gets a sonic reference in ‘The Answer’, both in the riff/rhythm and Araya-n atonal shouted vocal delivery. 

 Ending its 30+ minute run time with yet another plunge into anti-light liturgy, ‘Bone Chapel’, THE DRIP has, with The Haunting Fear Of Inevitability begun to slither once more, only this time, the serpent coils the brain. Fucking incendiary.