By Dr. Abner Mality

Dream Death cannot die! In 2016, they are stronger than ever with the release of “Dissemination”, an album which can be considered the true logical successor to the classic “Journey Into Mystery” from 1987. This new one crackles with the bulldozing sludgy oppression that made “Journey…” so great. The last Dream Death effort “Somnium Excessium” was excellent in its own way, but a bit too much on the progressive and avant-garde side for some.

Sporting a picture of the bleakest, most depressing house imaginable, “Dissemination” is a journey into sheer heaviness and despair. When the guitar kicks in on the title track, you will immediately be reminded of the thick, crushing power of old classics like “Back From The Dead” and “The Elder Race”.  In fact, the song “Neutral Ground” is so resolutely back to basics that it sounds like a direct sequel to “Back From The Dead”. Brian Lawrence’s vocals haven’t changed, either…he doesn’t experiment with them. They are the same gruff but clear declaration of hopeless nihilism that they’ve always been. Jesus, is this record miserable lyrically! It is really negative in its outlook.
There’s some experimentation here, as “In Perpetuum” and the odd time change in “Dominion” shows, but it’s all rooted in straight up Dream Death sludge and catchy riffing. “The Cold Hard Light” and “The Other Side” are two more riff monsters that will grind your bones.

“Dissemination” should be a lot easier to find than “Somnium Excessium” so go forth and hunt it down and bring these guys the success that should have been theirs years ago.