"The One Who Lurks"

By Lord Randall

Six years since its last widely-circulated release,  ”Feeding Hell’s Furnace”, Seattle death dealers DRAWN AND QUARTERED return with “The One Who Lurks”. To be frank, I had a bit of catching up to do, the 2012 album flying under my radar as it did, my last remembered experience being the previous year’s “Conquerors Of Sodom” EP. While COS was expectedly Punishing ™ and Brutal ™ in its own right, I wasn’t salivating at the corner record store (remember those?) waiting on the next release. 

‘Nefarious Rites’ lumbers its way through the door, remaining at that pace until near the halfway mark, where the grave dust is kicked up a bit higher, new(ish) drummer Simon Dorfman joining the nucleus of founding members Kelley and Herb, making his presence known with one of the most robust drum sounds I’ve heard on a straight-up death metal album in a good while. Positively pussy-pulverizing, ‘Ravage The Cadaver’ is relentless in its abuse, both sonic and literal – not that the song’s subject would know or be able to report it if she did - while ‘Horned Shadows Rise’ ups the speed ante, bellowed vokills echoing over ravaged, unhallowed ground as wunderkind Dorfman proves himself proficient in the technical aspect, as well as the pummel that’s come before. ‘Temples Of Arcane Devotion’ is overpowering, blah blah blah, you get the idea, but here’s where the production/mixing/mastering/presentation of “The One Who Lurks” shines through most to these ears. With a three-piece lineup you simply wouldn’t expect as much to be going on within a song – riffs piled on riffs, solos screaming through each other, Neanderthal beats pounded into and over sub-guttural bass wranglings – but it works, for shit’s sake! Kudos to label owner (also of AUTOKRATOR/N.K.V.D) Loic F. for his stellar performance, almost as much of an instrument on its own as is the band. 

I could go song by song over the rest in detail, but it’d just be more of the same, and by now, you already know if you’re on board or not. Are you going to hear anything you haven’t heard before on “The One Who Lurks”? Maybe so. Are you going to hear anything you haven’t heard before from DRAWN AND QUARTERED on "The One Who Lurks”? Definite-fucking-ly! The ideal concoction of technicality and bile-spewing sewage monstrosity has been reached. If DRAWN AND QUARTERED is able to level up from here, all bets are off.