“At The Crossroads of Infinity”

By Dr. Abner Mality

DRAGHKAR are from Southern California and try their level best to come up with an epic form of death metal that relies on strong riffs and intelligent song construction. They almost cross the hump but still have a way to go to achieve their goal.

I like the style of DM they play, one that’s rooted in thrash and even good old NWOBHM. The tunes are not just another imitation of CANNIBAL CORPSE, INCANTATION or Swedish DM. I hear hints of more complex death provided by bands like HOUSE OF ATREUS and ARES KINGDOM. There are six tracks here and they all have their moments. DRAGHKAR’s strength is in their riffing and there are some great ones here.

Where they come up short is general sound production, which is very average. More clarity is needed in the mix and also more bottom end in general. Lead guitar work is frankly very thin and “reedy” sounding. Where killer shredding is called for, we get something more like a tinny high pitched whine. That’s an aspect of DRAGHKAR that needs to be attended to.

I like the band and enjoy what they are trying to do. They just need a little more experience as well as better production to get where they are going.