By Dr. Abner Mality

In some dank and forgotten corner of Hell, a pact was made. A pact between two shadowy forces bent on the utter degredation of humanity. This ugly sonic missive simply known as “N.V.” is the result.

Satan must have been the middle man to put together this collision of extreme darkness. Dragged Into Sunlight with their unorthodox and soul-crushing death metal makes common cause with Mories, the Dutch supervillain behind the industrial nightmare known as Gnaw Their Tongues. The result is every bit as annihilating as one might expect. I think Dragged Into Sunlight took the lead here, because these five tracks make bludgeoning and thick metal their main point of attack. Super abrasive riffs, like a mix of old Godflesh, Portal and Autopsy dragged you through the rotted graveyard of man’s pointless existence. Stitched atop those riffs are the mechanized clanks and metallic scrapes from Gnaw Their Tongues. But the sampling is more subtle than I would have expected and the songs, while quite heavy and brutal, are generaly cohesive. The last two two tracks “Omniscienza” and “Alchemy In the Subyear” sound epic and majestic at points

To make things even more festive, dialogue is regularly sampled from serial killers talking about their difficulties in strangling victims or suicidal people speaking about the pain of existence. It helps to make “N.V.” one painful sonic experience. But one that followers of the dark side such as myself are more than willing to take. Maybe you as well? Who wouldn’t like to take a little peek into Hell?