"Dr. Living Dead"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Sometimes you wake up and just crave a certain kind of sound. A rainy day might bring a desire to listen to gloomy doom metal. Another time you might want to kick back with classic rock. Well, if you ever had a craving for catchy thrash metal with a sense of humor...moshable but not too angry or bloodthirsty..., I can refer you to a session with Dr. Living Dead. A colleague of mine, naturally.

Hailing from..where else?...Sweden, these medical miscreants have come up with a thrashing mish-mash of classic Anthrax and D.R.I., with maybe a little flavoring from Suicidal Tendencies. It's light-hearted but very fast thrash full of shouted gang choruses and a vocalist named Dr. Ape, who sounds like a genetic fusion of Joey Belladonna and Kurt Brecht. Maybe his real name is Kurt Belladonna?! Anyway, his rapid fire deadpan delivery with the occassional scream will sure bring you back to the days of crossover thrash supremacy in the late 80's. As for lyrics, there obviously isn't a serious word to be found on the disc. Dr. L.D.'s heads are in the 80's, too, with song titles like "Gremlin's Night", "Chucky", "Hard Target" and "My Brain Is For Sale".

It's pretty silly stuff, but the sound is good and authentic and tracks like "Dead End Life" and "Slime From Above" really do rip and tear. If you wake up and think "man, I'd sure like me some crazy crossover to mosh to", set up an appointment with Dr. Living Dead and don't expect anything more!