"25 Years In Rock…and Still Going Strong"

By Colonel Angus

When Nuclear Blast announced the release of this new live Doro disk, I was less than enthusiastic.  Not that she isn’t due for a good live record but 10 songs (I’m not counting the intro) is hardly a full show.  I tend to like full shows and when labels go and only give fans a abbreviated set, then it smacks of “cash-in”.  After listening to this disk a few times, even though it is only part of a concert, it is still a very worthwhile release.  What really makes this album good is the fact that it spends more than half of its time on the latter day Doro albums.  Albums like "Warrior Soul", and "Fear No Evil" both get a couple of tracks displayed here.  “You’re My Family” and “Celebrate” sound a little better in the live setting.  In fact, both of those cuts pretty much shout out the reason for this release.  Doro has always been a fan friendly performer and she is celebrating her anniversary with us fans; her family.  I was also happy to see “Unholy Love” from the self titled record make it onto the setlist  here.  Of course, we were going to get a few of her Warlock tunes.  “Earthshaker Rock” and “I Rule The Ruins” start the disk off in nice fashion with “East Meets West” poking it’s head out in the middle.  All and all, a great set list.

 As far as the main frontwoman is concerned, she is still a powerhouse.  Her voice has seen little age over the years and what it might have lost, she fills it with passion.  And that ,my friends, is her secret.  She is passionate about her music and her fans.  Say what you will about other metals bands form the 80s, this metal queen has always stayed course and put out consistently good music.  There really isn’t much I can say about her that hasn’t already been said.  She is still putting out relevant records (5 of the tracks on this live disk proves that) and she still has the energy to bring out on stage.  I guess my gripe is that this isn’t a full concert but in all honesty, how many live versions of “All We Are” do I really need?  The newer songs sound great live and that is really where the celebration should be focused on.  The title really does say it all.  She’s been in the biz for 25 years and based on her recent material, she certainly is “still going strong”.