"Horns Curve Into Broken Circles"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Mr. Donn the Philosophy sure doesn't do things half-way. The promo kit I got from him/them (Donn is an individual but Donn the Philosophy is a band) is the most elaborate I've ever received. It includes a wrapped parchment bearing hand-written script that is sealed with wax and stamped with a pentagram. I don't mind telling you, that's pretty damn cool. The band info and bio is exhaustively done and utterly professional, including photographs. A lot of major labels could learn something from how Donn presents himself.

But what of the band? What the hell is Donn the Philosophy? Is it the second cousin of Joe The Plumber or perhaps Ethel the Frog? No, indeed not, there is no room for humor here (or at least that I can see)...Donn is a British black metal band of absolutely bestial ferocity. Reading the occult description of the ideas behind Donn, I was prepared for something perhaps in the mode of Deathspell Omega or Blut Aus Nord. What I got was something like the very breath of Hell itself...a band that buries any subtleties it may possess beneath a wall of thick, distorted guitars, pounding tribal drums and tortured vocal roars. I was reminded somewhat of the Dutch minimalist black metallers The Beast of the Apocalypse or the unjustly obscure Bloodstorm when in full flow. This is thick and volcanic black metal, with nothing frozen about it. The music is simple, sometimes ridiculously so, but never less than bruising. Donn, the mind behind The Philosophy, sees this sonic catharsis as a way of becoming a "true" individual. I cannot deny, the music here does indeed sound like a primal scream of a beast.

The primary CD "Horns Curve Into Broken Circles" is of the most immediate interest, but the band has generously tossed in a selection of prior demos and material, which sounds equally primitive but not as impressive as the main release.

This is something that anybody into raw, bestial black metal with occult ideas should seek out. However, if you do NOT fit that definition, approach with caution!