By Dark Starr

I love music that combines different sounds to create something unique. Of course, really, “sounds” or genre are artificial designations in order to better organize and classify things. Music is music and most often a reflection of the artistic journey of the participants. Still, this has a lot of cool, somewhat diverse elements. Overall, the best description would be punk rock, but there is a lot of metal in the mix. Of course, metal and punk are kind of cousins, anyway. There is also a healthy helping of psychedelia in the mix here. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts, though, and this is cool stuff.

The opener bears the title “Fearless,” and I love the mean sound on the guitar. It is a high energy stomper that’s part metal and part punk. It works through several changes, turning more toward hardcore late. A somewhat different angle is offered by the next number, “Dangerous.” Raw and screaming hot, it is more scorching punk rock. It has more of a psychedelic edge to it in some ways. 

Although the first half of “Know It All” isn’t a big change, it launches out into a guitar solo based instrumental section that’s on fire. “Born in the Hole” is one of the best. Raw punk, it’s just packed with anger and energy. I love the bass sound that starts the closer, “Out of Time.” As the guitar joins, the sound makes me think of a slower Dead Kennedys. I love the fuzz laden guitar solo section on it.