"The Parasitic Survival of the Human Race"

by Octopi Mills

The album opens with a punk rock attitude and writes its  name in the sky with its own penis, like a man drunk on ten beers and pissing all over a wall urinal, or like one who writes and scrawls in their own feces in a public toilet stall, and this is its only power before being cut down by a more powerful and better learned Luciferian military officer in a riot situation. Ugly, nasty and wild, but dead in a flash of misanthropic force that is at best suicidal, and perhaps even to whatever is in striking range, and without direction. It has the power of sirens, small scale bombs and makes a good soundtrack for a chaotic suicide strike, but that is about all. Simple, pounding and drunkenly adolescent, though with no intellectual purpose, other than to point out that the wall urinal was used for something other than urination, though perhaps this is what Greece needs right now...about a million of folks living this recording.

 Has it been done before though, and with better force and execution? Surely....listen to the Burzum like shrieks in the second track, and tell me if there is a point or i wonder if its a natural, inherent emotion. "Stupid Worthless Sheep" follows the course of a sheep in its own right, going nowhere and pointing fingers at other sheep, which are sheared for their wool and milked outright in a manner that lets them lie down and be violated. This makes me wonder if it's the sheep or the human who wins the argument, or if this even holds water at all. It would seem the wolf is the answer, but the analogy of the fox or cunning owl makes for better argument in the age old metaphors. The anger is genuine, and for this it is worth something, maybe a soundtrack for violence, though one could just as easily storm the beaches while listening to Wagner, one might argue. At last I wait out the noise for the Misfits cover of "We Are 138", knowing it can't hold to the original somehow, but am surprised to find it carves its own way in such hams of hickory smoked glazing. I wonder how well they would hold up to the riot gear, and if its time to stop talking and for them to head into the battle at last.