By Dr. Abner Mality

Sometimes music can be brilliant but unlistenable. Many bands with the avant-garde tag fall into this category. That leads us to Dodecahedron, who I think are from Holland. These guys will push you to the limit…and beyond. Is creating music so twisted that you can’t really listen to it worth pursuing? That’s the question that bands like Dodecahedron make you ask yourself.

For want of anything better to call them, they are tagged as black metal. They certainly aren’t orthodox in any way so those expecting the usual Norse and Viking clichés should beware. The band they remind me of the most are the ground-breaking Blut Aus Nord, who also experimented with dissonance and bizarre song structure. B.A.N. remain in a realm all their own, but certainly there’s something to the weirdly atonal and off the wall riffing and song construction that Dodecahedron plies here that is very reminiscent of the mysterious Frenchmen. The guitars ring and howl in strange and angular fashion while drums madly blast away in an attempt to beat the sound barrier.Pretension is always a part of these avant-garde bands and you are knee-deep in it here. Songs are named after various “hedron” shapes like “Tetrahedron”, “Octahedron” and finally “Isodecahedron”. “Finale” is not the last song but the next to last tune. There’s also a “Prelude” and an “Interlude”. What it’s all about I haven’t got a fuckin’ clue, but I’m guessing it’s pretty miserable fodder lyrically.

The album also deconstructs itself as it goes along. “Dodecahedron” and “Finale” break into long washes of smeared, glacial sounds and the ultimate tune “Isodecahedron” is unbearable and sounds like it was made by dying gods. To be honest, I can’t take it. Yet the band has succeeded in reaching a realm seldom touched on…a true “kwintessens”. 

Is it worth the effort? I can only answer for myself. You need to find your own answer here…if you can take it.