“Divided Multitude”

By Dr. Abner Mality

It has been a while since I cracked into some solid progressive metal in the Dream Theater/Symphony X vein. Divided Multiude sure hits the spot if you’re into that. It doesn’t add anything new to what those great bands are already doing, but they operate at a very high level.

I think they might be from Denmark…promo sheet is unclear but Jacob Hansen is the producer and he handles just about anything coming out of Denmark these days. The album gets off to a deceptively brutal start with “Immortal”…the way this comes out thrashing and hammering with choppy riffs and gruff vocals had me thinking of Meshuggah. But then the clean vocal harmonies ala Dream Theater come soaring in and change your perception of the band completely. It’s quite a drastic difference but one that’s well executed. The record is never quite that aggressive again (although it comes close) and it winds up being a lot closer to the Dream Theater/Symphony X template on the rest of the album.

The vocal fireworks here are pretty spectacular. It’s clear Divided Multitude spends a great deal of time mapping out catchy and intricate vocal melodies…”Only For You” and “How Many Tears” are good examples.  Their lead singer is certainly capable of handling the load and its impossible to detect any kind of a European accent in his work. 

By the end of the album, they reverted to sounding almost totally like Dream Theater, which I felt was a little disappointing given the thrash/prog combo they started with on “Immortal” and “Closure”. But the production and performance was top notch and if you like good prog metal, Divided Multitude is a name to keep an eye on.