by Dark Starr

I remember hearing a couple songs from Disturbed early in their career and finding myself unimpressed. Well, I’m not sure if they have changed their sound or my tastes have changed, but wow, this is a killer disc. It rocks out like crazy and is both catchy and meaty. It has plenty of numetal on show, but there are a lot of other sounds incorporated, too. The opening track "Remnants" is an instrumental with an almost prog metal feel and demonstrates right away that there's a bit more going on here than what you'd think. These more nuanced touches show up to add spice to tracks as diverse as the balladic "Another Way To Die", the aggressive screamer "Warrior" and the almost spacy "The Animal".

There's plenty of the typical Disturbed crunch here, but it's impossible to say that this band keeps putting out the same thing. This stands on its own.I’ll have to dig into Disturbed’s catalog and check out their older stuff because this album has really convinced me.