“Into the Nebula”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Russian power metallers Distant Sun return with their follow-up to “Dark Matter” and it follows directly in line from that earlier effort. These guys aren’t true thrashers but they’re not afraid to inject a lot of speed and power into their music. If you’re a fan of Iron Savior and the heavier Helloween, they are a no brainer.

“into the Nebula” is kind of a mixed bag. The sound throughout is superb and this is extremely well produced for something on such a small label. The songs are either killer power/thrash or a more melodic and traditional European power metal sound.  Opener “My Trust” is an outstanding tune with great speedy drumming and hard riffs. Similar tracks are “Inspired By Fear” and the super crunchy “The Battle That Never Ends”. But some tracks like “Throne of Iron” and the ballad “I Do Believe” are by the numbers Euro power metal like so many other bands are doing. Many of the tracks fall somewhere inbetween, including “God Emperor” and the lengthy instrumental “Andromeda”. The balance falls on the favorable side but just barely.

Power metal fans will enjoy “Into the Nebula” as much as “Dark Matter”. Looks like Russia has a player in the game.