By Theron Moore

Prog rock is a tough gig.  If you do it right you get mentioned alongside Dream Theater, Fates Warning and Pagan’s Mind.  Do it wrong and you have...Dissona.  AWFUL.  The vocals are all over the place ranging from quiet and melodic to bad cinematic growling, the kind of thing you’d expect to find in some shlocky “Lord of the Rings” knockoff flick.  

The music zig zags everywhere but in the end I found it spastic and scattered, hell even schizophrenic.  It feels like Dissona is trying too hard to fit too many elements into their music taking them down different musical pathways I don’t care about, nor can I follow, nor can I get into, at times epic, then heavy, then proggy, then growly, then this, then that, etc.  

It’s a crazy quilt sound with no defined identity, just a mishmash of too many things.  Is it heavy?  Is it prog?  Is it cinematic metal?  Dissona switches gears so often musically that it’s tough to bond with. “Paleopneumatic.”  

Granted, the record has fleeting moments where it ventures into territory that could be interesting but we’re never there long enough to enjoy it.  At the end of the day “Paleopneumatic” is too busy for me, not focused enough.  Dissona needs to figure out a direction, figure out a style and hone in on that; otherwise it’s a big NO for me.