"Towards The Megalith"

By Dr. Abner Mality

If you can judge a CD by its cover, then "Towards The Megalith" is one of the most ominous and oppressive death metal efforts ever released. And it is! Look at this beautiful example of cyclopean horror and doom...a long parade of cadaverous hooded figures trudge through a demonic forest towards a gigantic temple bearing a load of coffins! I really urge you to pick up the CD version of this release, because the interior art is even more morbidly detailed. Visually, "Towards The Megalith" is one of the best death/doom CDs ever released!

And it matches the artwork sonically as well! The music sounds EXACTLY the way the cover looks. Suffocating, hopeless and choked with horror. A classic! Disma follows faithfully in the footsteps of the earliest Incantation albums and indeed, the connection is impossible to sever: Craig Pilliard, who lent his sepulchral tones to the first Incantation epic "Onward To Golgotha", is the singer for Disma. To be honest, Disma is better than anything Incantation has done in the last ten is THAT heavy. It is death metal so putrid you can smell the stench of decay issuing from the disk. But lovers of doom who can take the grisly vocals and occasional blasts of speed will also find much to admire. Listen to lumbering funeral dirges such as "Chasm of Oceanus" and "Vault of Membros" to hear doom-paced death at its foulest. The production is perfect for this kind of music and of all the acts I've heard that mimic the "Onward To Golgotha" sound such as Encoffination, Dead Congregation and Blaspherian, Disma is by far the best.

One can make the claim that the record is monotonous listening as a whole and I wouldn't disagree strenuously, but the fact that there is not a single shred of light here is actually part of the album's strength. This is merciless, remorseless death with an utter feeling of doom. All the cuts are massive but "Spectral Domination" and "Lost In the Burial Fog" are especially worthy of notice. Pilliard is truly the master of the "death grumble"!

If you've made it this far in the review, then you're a pretty sick soul indeed, so I heartily recommend "Towards The Megalith" to you!