“End of Days”

By Dr. Abner Mality

33 minutes of relentless d-beat aggression from the band who pioneered the sound. That’s what you’ll get when you pick up “End of Days”. Many will breath a sigh of relief upon hearing that, because Discharge has been known to fiddle with their style over the years. No worries here, though. This is metallic punk from the first to the last.

If this record sounds a bit overly familiar, just remember that the Discharge style has been copied so many times, usually by inferior bands, that it has reached archetypal proportions. Think of all the bands that put “Dis” in front of their name and use black and white imagery. Well, it started with these guys so they have the right to seem familiar.

The album begins with the brawny gallop of “New World Order” and  we get to hear the bellowing roar of new vocalist JJ (ex Broken Bones) for the first time. Discharge hasn’t decided to start singing about the Devil or their girlfriends, either….it’s all highly charged political outrage from the anarchist punk standpoint. The way it should be.  The songs are either short fast rippers or slightly longer tunes that kind of have a catchy gallop to them. I tend to like the gallopers like “Infected” and “Hung Drawn and Quartered” myself but the ragers like “Meet Your Maker”  and “The Terror Alert” really get the adrenaline flowing. But to me it’s the song “Hatebomb” that epitomizes everything Discharge stands for. This song was made to break necks!

Some will complain that this is tainted by being on a “big” label like Nuclear Blast, but pay no attention to that. This is iconic d-beat that stands the test of time. It’s simple, it’s basic, it’s timeless.