“The Extraterrestrial Compendium”

By Dr. Abner Mality

I think the dudes in Dire Peril are very much sci-fi geeks like myself. Their lyrical inspiration on “The Extraterrestrial Compendium” comes from such SF faves as “Predator”, “Forbidden Planet”, “The Thing” and more. That puts me in their corner right away. But what about the musical side of the equation?

The press sheet describes them as a cross between Iced Earth and Blind Guardian and I absolutely could not come up with a better description. That hits it on the head exactly. It doesn’t take long to hear that these guys are a top notch power metal band that can match up with the best.  Their songs feature galloping speed-picked riffs mixed with rich multi-tracked vocal lines. The vocals are not quite as fruity as what you hear with Blind Guardian but are definitely in that neighborhood. John Yelland has got a perfect power metal voice. 

I tend to like the faster speed oriented songs like “Yautja (Hunter Culture)”, “Roughnecks” and “Total Recall” which are very Iced Earth oriented, but there are also semi-ballads like “The Visitor” and “Always Right Here”. They dip into some more epic length tunes like “Blood In the Ice” and “Journey Beyond The Stars”, but the results there are more mixed, with the latter song coming across overlong and a little sappy. In each and every tune, the band’s love of popular sci-fi movies is apparent and the lyrics tell stories in straightforward fashion. Any fan of these films can add points to the band’s effectiveness.

It’s a polished and well executed platter of melodic power metal that should appeal to fans of the genre!