“Ancient Breath of Forgotten Misanthropy”

By Dr. Abner Mality

With an album title like that and the word MORTIS in the band name, it looks like we’ve got another member of the INCANTATION fan club. A very popular club, to be sure. When it comes to bands like this, you can’t rate them in terms of originality or technicality. Raw feel is way more important, as is the quality of the riffs.

Poland’s DIRA MORTIS do pretty good in this regard and stand above many others in the “cavernous” death metal clique. After a genuinely atmospheric intro (as opposed to one that’s put together by numbers just because people expect one), we learn the dangers of “Worshipping The Terror of Madness” onslaught of sick riffs and thunderous drumming. These dudes know what they are doing...the overall sound is clearer and cleaner than most “sick” death metal, which is not a bad thing. The true power comes through here and it’s also apparent the guitarists can cut loose with some shredding leads.

The songs are pretty long and contain strong elements of death-doom as well as something akin to IMMOLATION in their more advanced moments. Throughout all, though, the crushing power of TRUE DEATH is evident on all tracks. This album doesn’t quite reach the heights of a real classic, but it doesn’t miss by much, either. Lovers of grisly metal with long-winded song titles can dig in…