"Psychogenic Atrophy"

By Theron Moore

 Dimesland is that band best described as a question mark making music inside of a larger, undefined question mark.  What appears outside isn't necessarily what lies inside.  The music sounds metal, the vocals are metal but to leave it at just that does a  big disservice to them.  A good way to describe Dimesland is Voi Vod meets Periphery meets Pink Floyd in a very strange way that marries and works.  Dare I say thinking man's metal?

"Psychogenic Atrophy" is the debut eight song record Dimesland is releasing independently on December 9th.  Featured in the band ranks are former members of The Wild Hunt and The Residents and yes, you read that right, The Residents, which explains the experimental sound and territory that Dimesland explores on this record.

Songs like "Xenolith" and "Institutional Gears" have that ethereal, otherworldly, early Pink Floyd quality that shift into tech metal soundscapes of sci-fi dreaminess. "Psychogenic Atrophy" is that kind of record you can't stop listening to; you want to know what the next song is going to sound like and where it's going take you.  Although there's more music than vocals on this record it works well, it serves both the song as well as the audience listening to it.

 Look, this record isn't a mosh frenzy so don't expect that.  It does rock with songs like "Are They Cannibals" and "Dying Foretold" but the record as a whole is well thought out, well structured metal that speaks to your mind, entertains it. Go to iTunes and download "Psychogenic Atrophy" you won't be let down.  It's an intriguing listen from a band of diverse backgrounds.  I can't wait to hear more music from Dimesland in the future...