DIE CHOKING "Die Choking"

FUCKED UP "Year of the Dragon"
HAYMAKER  "Let Them Rot"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Taking a look here at some punk and hardcore bric-a-brac that has washed up on my shoreline recently.There seems to be a huge resurgence in EP's and mini-LP's recently and these 3 bands are part of that surge.

Die Choking are fast and furious, but ultimately not making a heck of an impact on me with their debut LP. It blows past at lightspeed with not much of a stop for breath but something about the songs just seems insubstantial. They left my head as soon as the music stopped playing. A whole LP of this stuff would be ultra-disposable. It's not terrible, but...something is definitely lacking. They could use the piss and vinegar of Haymaker, who have been around the hardcore scene for quite some time. Age has not mellowed them. The four brief tracks on "Let Them Rot" boast a seething malevolence that Die Choking vainly grasps at. The vocalist sounds like somebody just ran over everyone in his family including the dog and cat, spitting out profanity and hatred on cuts like "Their Rules" and "Shit Magnet". The playing time for Haymaker is less than 10 minutes but they pack maximum rage into the time period. Points also for the "They Live" inspired cover art.

With Fucked Up, we have a much different mutation of the punk beast. With a band name like that, I was expecting something like Haymaker but that's not what I got. Not too many bands that consider themselves punk or hardcore would try an 18 minute long track, in this case the title track to "Year of the Dragon"....Nux Vomica being one of the few. Does Fucked Up get away with it? Well, it's hard for me to say...the damn thing is too long and unwieldy by far and at many points it seems just as inspired by hipster metal like Baroness and Kylesa. But during that massive length, there are some segments that just kick massive amounts of ass and hint at a mighty band within. On the flip side of "Year of the Dragon", the Toronto band covers a couple of obscure Canadian punk tunes to good effect. These shorter cuts are catchy, punchy and fun. At least Fucked Up is trying something different and for that, I give them a salute!