By Dr. Abner Mality

Energy can sometimes make a record, help it overcome any other negatives it might have. A feeling of raw enthusiasm will beat out accusations of unoriginality just about every time. For proof, I offer DGM's "Momentum".

These guys are so much in the vein of Symphony X and the more aggressive Dream Theater that it's painful. Not a trace of innovation do I detect here. But this band plays like they're on fire! "Momentum" is filled to the brim with fast and heavy songs that almost force you to headbang and play air guitar. I would call a lot of the material here speed metal, but played with uncanny melodicism. And what the hell? When Russell Allen from Symphony X himself lends vocals to the song "Reason", it's a stamp of approval for DGM. The song itself is a scorching opener, hitting hard and fast with killer guitar licks and tight playing. The band seems to enjoy playing these energetic cuts..."Trust", "Universe", "Pages" and "Remembrance" are all high velocity metal to the core. It's a great compliment to Mark Basile that his vocals do not fade in comparison to Allen's god-like tones...he more than holds his own, though he seems kind of "sugary" on the more melodic moments. Guitarist Simone Mularoni and keyboardist Emanuele Casali trade shredding licks with the best of Dream Theater's Petrucci and Rudess.

And thereby lies the one flaw of DGM. They are so totally reminiscent of Dream Theater and Symphony X that there is virtually no DGM there at all. Even on the slower and more melodic songs like "Repay" they have little of their own style to display. But so great is their intensity and so excellent their execution that "Momentum" is fun and exhilerating to listen to. If the band was to retain this infectious energy while bringing something of their own to the game, they would surely be an unstoppable band.

For now, though, just pop this in and let the "Momentum" carry you along.