By Sgt Deth

These German thrashers never give up their true fashion. With every new Dew-Scented album comes a complete new wave of brutality and blasting beats. I cannot think of one of their CDs that have a slow or non-intense song on it.  With almost a dozen former members, they have kept their trademark sound over the years, which is quite amazing. They seem to have no challenges inventing new savage riffs. And the vocals by original and intrinsic lead man Leif Jensen are still as ferocious as ever.

After listening to this new release more than a few times, I have come to the conclusion that the drums are the glue that makes all this neck breaking thrash stick together. They mix so well with the intense guitar riffs. Also, they still leverage the power of single note riffs and the drums match up with those perfectly.  Drum titan Koen Herfst effortlessly pounds out the beats to thoroughly match the guitar and bass riffs.

I would mention some songs as highlights, but I love them all. One thing to mention though is the track, “Reborn”, which features guest Exhorder/Trouble vocalist, Kyle Thomas. Pretty cool to hear a new voice in a Dew-Scented song. Then they finish the album up with two impressive cover songs. Repulsion's "Radiation Sickness", and “Survival Reaction” by Solstice. This is a must for any one that likes fierce and fast metal that also has catchy riffs and unique vocals. And by unique, I mean that it is not just common growls that you hear with most death metal. You can actually understand what he is saying, but he still sounds vicious and powerful.