“Trust No One”

by Dr. Abner Mality

Devildriver still drives genre purists crazy….those who insist a band “must” belong to one particular brand of music.  “Trust No One” will confuse more people yet. There’s no way this can be called “death metal” as I understand the term, although traces of melodic death metal are very apparent. Haters call the band nu-metal disguised as death metal. I can’t deny there’s quite a bit of chunky “jumpdafuckup” riffing here, but who could imagine it combined with elegant guitar flourishes and shredding melodies? Metalcore? Maybe, but not the “Bring Me The Horizon” type stuff.

The music is not really in my wheelhouse but it is very well executed. I would venture to say this is the best played and produced Devildriver album I’ve heard. The sound is pretty much flawless, although not what you would really call raw. Dez Fafara’s growly vocals are at their growliest and sound really different compared to what he did on the recent Coal Chamber album.

I dunno, this is hard to analyze.  “My Night Sky” is surprisingly epic, with complex guitar melodies. “Above It All” is ham-fisted bouncy nu-metal. “Retribution” and “For What It’s Worth” both have clear injections of modern thrash and sound bloodthirsty. “Feeling Ungodly” is a mushy stab at metalcore. This dichotomy between good and mediocre defines “Trust No One” and leaves me in a quandary. I like the energy and execution of what I hear here and I don’t give a rat’s ass if “true metallers” don’t. But there’s still something that keeps holding it back from greatness. I can really hear a different Devildriver trying to bust out, but they’re not there yet.