"Fate is Your Muse"

By Rusty Coffinnails

Indianapolis-based Devil To Pay has bestowed us with "Fate is Your Muse".These guys had a rough start about 10 years ago due to Steve Janiak's brush with death. He went into a drug-induced coma, and there were doubts that he would ever rejoin us. While he was in coma he was haunted by visions of 'the other-side' and this experience seems to be his muse for this album.

The first track titled "Prepare To Die" hits like a 40 ton pile driver pounding on your chest. This one is somewhat faster than the rest but it is a hell of an opener.The rest of the album is a sludgy stoner doom style with lots of fuzzy heavy riffs that will not disappoint you. These guys worked hard and long to get this far so they mean business. It is a hell of a ride through Steve's eyes who is the vocalist and plays guitar. Janiak seems to use Devil to Pay as a 'vessel' to explore the link between the here and now and the other-side and we are just lucky enough to go along with them. My top pick is the last song titled "Beyond the Ether".. It statrs out about as fast as a bulldozer with an almost nightmarish sound then picks up slowly and grinds back to a crawl. Some great fuzzy doom riffs here.

This album would be a great addition to any collection ,it's good stuff..It would seem that Devil to Pay gave the Devil his dues and came out on top with Fate is Your Muse.(You're a poet and don't even know it!--Wry Mality)