“Rotting Dreams of Carrion”

By Dr. Abner Mality

It’s been about 14 years since I last  crossed paths with THE DEVIANT. Maybe they were locked up and did some time. It’s a different world now than it was then, but I remember being quite impressed by their “Ravenous Death Worship” release.  “Rotting Dreams of Carrion” sounds almost as charming, at least as far as the title goes. How does THE DEVIANT hold up in 2020 the Year of Plague?

They can still pack quite a punch when they choose to, but this record is kind of inconsistent and ends on a weak note. The opening “Atomic Dreams/Atomic Revolt” double whammy hits pretty hard with a death/thrash mash-up, but it’s on “Son of Dawn” and especially “Torment Inferno” that the album finds its strength. There’s an essence of good old Swedish death metal here, but also a kind of structure to the riffing that reminds me a bit of early GOD DETHRONED and other Dutch bands. There’s a gorilla-like brute force to the more medium and slow hooks here, you can almost see the mighty beast drumming its chest. The rasping vocals bring a black metal touch to the affair as well.

“It Has A Name” and “Martyrdom” continue the pounding, but when we get to “Iron Vulutres”, the record starts to cave. The first 2/3 of this tune are a screeching, semi-industrial march that lacks heaviness. It picks up nicely in the last third, but not really in time to save the tune. The album then ends with the disappointing “Enter The Storm”, which is moody and boring because of that. It’s like THE DEVIANT just ran out of gas completely at the end of the record….which is also pretty short.

Mixed marks here. Maybe if these guys had more of a regular schedule, they wouldn’t have to knock so much rust off.  They have strong traces of their grandeur but it’s not all there yet.