by Thor

Devangelic, Italy’s kings of brutal death metal, return with “Ersetu,” the band’s third full-length album and the first output since 2017’s excellent “Phlegethon.”

Devangelic play no-frills, American-style brutal death metal typified by an abundance of blast beats, tremolo-picked riffs that end in chunky, neck snapping palm mutes, and guttural vocals that could be mistaken for an unusually articulate garbage disposal.  It would fit right in with the third-wave death metal bands of the early-2000s.  Stylistically, they’re as heavy as it gets.

The production on “Ersetu” is fantastic. Everything is muscular, yet there’s an undeniable clarity belying a concerted effort to make sure each sonic element has enough space to be articulate in what is a full bandwidth cacophony of intense sound.  That’s always the difficult riddle of mixing extreme metal, and all indications are that producer/mixer Stefano “Saul” Morabito at 16th Cellar Studio has solved it.

The topics covered on “Ersetu” range from gore and violence to existential terror and anti-Christian animus.  Song titles that showcase this include, “Upon the Wrath of Divinities,” “Embalmed in Visceral Fluids,” and “Vomiting the Infected.”

Devangelic’s “Ersetu” doesn’t blaze any new trails, but it does offer a great slab of brutal Death metal that will appeal to fans of bands like Deeds of Flesh, Severe Torture, and Gorgasm.