“Through Aching Aeons”

By Dr. Abner Mality

I can’t believe how this great band continually flies under everybody’s radar. They never got their due in their heyday of the 90’s and they seem to get even less now.  They are the first band I think of when it comes to melodic Swedish death metal, not Dark Tranquility and for damn sure not In Flames.

“Through Aching Aeons” is the latest Desultory masterpiece. Nobody else seems to combine the ferocious crunch and speed of typical Swedish death metal with  dark and sad melodies like they do. They take the extra time to put songs together intelligently and with purpose, something many cruder death metal bands fail to do. But there is no decrease in aggression here….songs like “In This Embrace” and “Silent Rapture” hit hard and fast, with gruff vocals and excellent guitar sound.

“Divine Blindness” starts with stark and delicate piano before building into something really special. But the best was left to last with “Our Departure”…listen to the way the sad and forlorn lead guitar weaves its melody over a bed of crushing riffs.

Why these guys are not on Nuclear Blast or their original home of Metal Blade is incomprehensible. Desultory are one of the best bands ever in the melodic death metal realm….seek this out with all due speed!