“Decibel Casualties”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Looking for the perfect definition of heavy metal? Open up the metal dictionary and turn to the “Destructor” entry. These crazed Clevelanders have been holding the torch high since 1985 but with “Decibel Casualties” they’ve outdone themselves.

Think of the perfect combination of classic Judas Priest/Iron Maiden foundation metal and jack it up with the thrashing power of Exciter, Slayer and Anthrax. Now you have a grasp of Destructor. Prime American steel designed for headbanging. Their last effort “Back In Bondage” wasn’t a bad record at all, but this shreds it to tiny pieces. You can tell the level of energy has been moved to another level with the ripping thrash of “Restore Chaos”…the Slayer influence is strong here but tempered with traditional metal values. “Keep The Faith” is much more of a galloping Priest-influenced anthem. On the first two songs, Destructor has established their game plan and they do not deviate from it.

No ballads or synth pieces mar this metallic onslaught. There is a killer instrumental “Fiery Winds” that has a kind of Omen-y, Maidenish feel to it. This colossal slab of pure metal fury ends with the excellent “In Hell”, where the powerful thrash and chunky “true” metal are expertly spliced together. None of the Destructor guys are spring chickens but you’d never been able to know it here. I’ve seen them twice in concert and can confirm they still deliver the goods live as well.

Fantastic example of the metal art!