"Spiritual Genocide"

By Rusty Coffinnails

Veteran thrash metal band  Destruction's latest album "Spiritual Genocide" starts off with a slow haunting number titled "Exordium".  I had high hopes for this but they ended as abruptly as the song did, at an odd unfinished sort of silence.

Destruction has changed rather drastically in the last few years from pioneers of thrash to what seems to be "safe thrash" or not quite as edgy as they once were.They kick into gear on the 2nd song titled "Cyanide" which hits fast and hard from the opening drum solo and onward but something is not right. It is if they don't feel comfortable.

I want to be fair but it seems as if Destruction is leaning toward a more sellable product and less toward the music. Now all things considered this is not a bad album at all just different from what you would expect from them.
The high point for me was "Legacy Of The Past" with guest vocalists from Sodom's Tom Angelripper and Gerre from Tankard. It mixes things up some with these guys and pays respects to several old classic metal songs and albums. As the album gets a bit repetitive in the sound it is still a power househead banging thrash that won't disappoint you. This is a different Destruction but that may not  be a bad thing for some.

I had a hell of a time with this review possibly due to my own prejudice of what I think Destruction should be and not what they have become. Things change, and at times I may not agree with it but that doesn't make this bad.