"Day Of Reckoning"

By Dr. Abner Mality

The amount of energy these guys have approaching their FOURTH DECADE in the metal business is astonishing. On "Day of Reckoning", Destruction sounds every bit as pissed off and jacked up as they did back in the 80;s. In terms of speed and aggression, I would put "Day of Reckoning" right up with "The Antichrist" from a decade ago and just shy of their 80's classics "Internal Overkill" and "Eternal Devastation". It gives hope to geezers everywhere when veterans can knock the shit out of their instruments like this!

The best change Destruction has made is adding new drummer Vaaver and dumping Marc Reign. Not to sound disrespectful, but Reign was a terrible drummer, especially live. Vaaver, who also plays in Indukti, Unsun and Vader, attacks his kit like it raped his mother. What a change from Reign's dull and uninspired beats! His energy has infected Schmier and Mike, who do their best to match the ferocious new drummer. Opening cut "The Price" is pure thrashing rage and the pace doesn't let up for the majority of the album. This is not one of Destruction's "experimental" records like "Metal Discharge" but a full bore thrash assault. Yes, the material does get samey and this is nowhere near as progressive as the band was on old chestnuts like "Release From Agony" and "Cracked Brain", but the sheer sweaty arrogance behind tracks like "Devil's Advocate", "Destroyer or Creator" and "Sorcerer of Black Magic" carry the day. "Day of Reckoning" is not a "thoughtful" album but for getting your neck bent ouf of shape, it does the job remarkably well.

The most exciting Destruction record in 10 years!