“Divide and Devour”

by Thor

L.A.’s DESTROYED IN SECONDS will unleash “Divide and Devour” this April, their third full-length and their first album of the Trump era.  Why do I mention the exalted orange one?  Because D.I.S. plays angry, politically charged hardcore punk and “Divide and Devour” explicitly pushes back on what the band sees as the rising threat of “far-right populism, authoritarianism, the growing police state, and the rise of neo-Nazi/alt-right/Proud Boys and the like….”

The current iteration of the band is comprised of longtime Los Angeles-area hardcore, grindcore, and thrash metal veterans including former and current members of Phobia, Eat the Living, Gravehill, and Mange among others.  It’s a potent collective.

Musically, DESTROYED IN SECONDS fundamentally plays d-beat style hardcore punk, but it’s got a thick coat of thrash metal paint on it that beefs up “Divide and Devour” considerably.  It’s not exactly crossover thrash, but it’s something akin to it.  The vocals are harsh and ultra-aggressive, the guitars are heavy, and the drums are big, but sonically it’s closer to Motorhead than it is to D.R.I.

“Divide and Devour” features 11 tracks that fly by in the blink of a pissed off eye, adhering to the hardcore ethos of playing fast and getting to the point. This is where I’d normally highlight the album’s standout tunes, but this release seems designed to be listened to from start to finish so that’s my recommendation.  Put it on and sit back like the guy in the old Maxell Cassette tape commercials.

“Divide and Devour” will appeal to fans of bands such as Extreme Noise Terror and Discharge.  Look for it this April for the revolution in your earholes.