"Unholy Infestation"

by Thor

The Texas sultans of slam Desecrate the Faith return with “Unholy Infestation” via Comatose Music with what is an exemplary slab of the heaviest metal in this deformed, enraged ogre of a subgenre.

Slamming death metal is a guilty (or not) pleasure of mine. In my opinion, it’s the heaviest genre in existence.  The problem, though, is that it’s pretty limiting in its defining tropes, and its essential ingredient – the slams – are so simple that there exist several slam bands that can barely play their instruments.  
“Unholy Infestation” is slam done exceptionally well.  The production is clear and punchy, dare I say polished?  The songs are fairly dynamic and complex with quite a bit of technical “wow,” but not of the musician-circle-jerk variety.  And when these guys slam, they fucking SLAM.  

The familiar flavors are all here: guttural, garbage-disposal vocals, blast beats cut up with half-time, quarter note grooves, sick tremolo-picked riffs that devolve into super-chunk palm mutes tuned to Z and synchronized with the kick drum, and so on.  But it’s all executed as well as it’s possible to do so.

This album ranks up at the top of the subgenre with the likes of Abominable Putridity’s “The Anomalies of Artificial Origin” and Devourment’s “Butcher the Weak.”  Go get it!