"The Oath of an Iron Ritual"

By Theron Moore

I always get nervous when a band starts a record out with extended intros.  The only guy ever able to pull that off on vinyl or live was Dio.  First song “Proclamation in Shadows” …. black metalish sounding thrash or is it thrashy sounding black metal?  Doesn’t matter, either way they owe Cronos and Venom a thank you in the credits section of their record somewhere.  Fast forward to track four, “The Cleric’s Arcanum.”  Now we’re getting somewhere, this song rocks as does the next one “Haunting Siren.”  Is it possible we’re on a roll here?  

“The Oath of an Iron Ritual” is too schizo for me.  Black metal thrash is tough to pull off.  If you go too much in one direction and not enough of the other the whole thing sounds, well, uneven or lacking identity.  I get that with Desaster.  The lead singer sounds too much like Cronos and vibe wise I can’t figure out where this band is taking me.  “The Oath of an Iron Ritual” is heavy and has its moments but I just can’t get behind it and throw devil horns for the same reason I dig Sleep but can’t back High on Fire which Desaster tends to remind me of as well (Venom already mentioned).

It’s heavy, the band sounds good as well as tight but it’s not my cup of vodka.  I’d rather listen to early Venom.  If Desaster renamed themselves “Seven Gates of Hell” and released “The Oath of an Iron Ritual” I’d get it and be all over it.  As Desaster, it’s…meh.  As I finish writing this review I’m already listening to “At War with Satan” just to cleanse my palate….