“Impossible Orbits”

By Dr. Abner Mality

“Astrogrind” is the gimmick these Greek grinders have cooked up to describe their sound. That led me to expect something a lot spacier and more avant-garde than what I got here. “Impossible Orbits” thankfully doesn’t sound anything like Rings of Saturn, which is what I was dreading, but I thought the song structures would be more off the wall and maybe synth would play a bigger role. Instead, this is not too greatly different from standard grindcore and the synth/space rock overtones are so subdued they are hardly there. Don’t expect a Nocturnus style sound here!

Once we get past problems with labelling, this is actually not bad at all. Dephosphorus do mix up tempos quite a bit and are doomier than I would have thought. That results in some very interesting riffs on “Rational Reappraisal” and “The Light of Ancient Mistakes”. There’s also some thrash-paced chug in there. But on the whole, these guys can hit the gas fast and furious. The sore throat shriekings of Panos Agoros wear out their welcome pretty quickly, though.

As if you couldn’t tell, the lyrical bent seems to be science fictional, which is nice, but also not that unique. I have a feeling this band could really come up with something truly unique in the future. For now, “astrogrind” provides a good but not great listen.