"Satan’s Tomb"

By Sgt Deth

Just in time for Halloween 2015, here rises Michael Denner and Hank Shermann from “Satan’s Tomb”.  Just like the title track proclaims in its lyrics, “rise, rise”, this awesome guitar duo is back for an evil attack. I have been a longtime fan of anything King Diamond or Mercyful Fate related, and these two guys were the masterminds of Mercyful Fate’s evil guitar sound. This also has some likeness to Force of Evil, which Denner and Shermann created. Although, this creation is much tighter and organized than a Force of Evil CD. 

And to put the cherry on top, they have recruited metal singing god, Sean Peck from Cage. I am also a huge Cage fan and love his vocals. Peck’s vocal styles go very well here, as I am also sure he could do a Force of Evil cover easily. His style is a lot like Tim “Ripper” Owens, although not quite as over the top as Owens can be at times. They have also brought in Snowy Shaw on drums, previously of King Diamond and Mercyful Fate, and he is no disappointment for sure. Snowy tortures the skins and blends in very well here. And last but not least, Mark Grabowski from Demonica is on bass guitar assault and can stand up to the likes of Hal Patino, and Sharlee D’Angelo.
Each of the four songs on this EP could almost pass as two songs. The first part of each song develops on well planned and good sounding chorus and lyrics, then towards the end of each song it changes up and goes in to a whole different dirge. This adds to the EP’s value as a good solid listen. For example, as mentioned above, the title track goes in to a whole different schema with mixed vocals proclaiming “rise, rise” which makes for a very cool sounding mix. This becomes even more apparent on “War Witch”, which starts out with blistering solos and old school sounding lyrics and riffs. Then about four minutes in, it pauses then changes in to a whole different song for the ending of the track. Some of this really reminds me of Cage. 

Track 3, “New Gods”, has a very catchy beginning with screaming vocals and some more awesome guitar solos. The chorus in this track is very haunting and epic: “The new gods have come”. Then it changes up and goes in to some over the top guitar work to finish out the track. Some of Denner and Sherman’s best work ever. And Peck finishes this six minute song out with some of his best vocals as well.  “Seven Skulls”, starts out sounding a lot like Mercyful Fate. Here is where Shaw’s drums really start to shine and they drive this song. And again you will hear some of Peck’s best vocals ever in this track. It builds up nicely to the end where Peck howls out the final note.

If you are looking for a new ground breaking sound, this is not it. If you are a fan of Cage, Force of Evil, or Mercyful Fate, and you have always appreciated their overall talent and sound, you will love this CD. The production and musical talent here is amazing. Plus, Thomas Holm, who has done artwork for Mercyful Fate in the past, has done a great job on this album. You will want to get a hard copy of this one, and hopefully with our support, they will eventually come out with