“Chaos Manifesto”

By Dr. Abner Mality

More old school Swedish death metal here, but at least Demonical has deep roots in the glory years of the scene. They arose from the ashes of long running Centinex (who still pop up now and then) so they’ve paid their dues. With “Chaos Manifesto” they’ve uncorked a nicely varied selection of Swe-death tunes that all hum and vibrate with that classic super-raw guitar tone.

There’s a good smattering of melody in Demonical’s chainsaw crunch, but it’s melody more in the Dismember mode instead of something like Soilwork or At The Gates. “From Nothing” is notably more composed than the other songs here, with some nice twin guitar work. “Valkommen Undergang” has a real cool and catchy mid-paced riff that crunches along in a bouncy way. “Sung To Possess” and “Torture Parade” blast along in mayhemic fashion with lots of speed and rawness.

Of course, originality is not any kind of consideration here, but these guys know how to write actual songs and they know how to set up an album that doesn’t just sound like one big stretch of chainsaw guitar noise. A good one for connoisseurs of Swedish death metal to add to their collection.